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The nights are drawing in, and suddenly the remains of the Indian summer aren't so appealing any more (who needs a summer wardrobe crisis in November anyway?!). From now on, it's all about Sunday roasts and that second and third bottle of wine. At WWI HQ we've been fully embracing winter for a while now. Well, with a small baby it's all about the nights in, so at least now we're back in sync with the rest of the world!
As the AGM is coming up, it's a good moment to reflect on the fabulous year we've had. WWI has really picked up its tempo, and in a storm of culture, charity, craft and cake, we have massively increased membership and conquered all kinds of new territory in our meetings. 
The year started out with new resolutions and Bach flower remedies and our meetings have gone from strength to strength with jewellery making (thank you Vanessa!), vintage hair and make up styling, poker playing and brooch making - not to mention our more 'serious' sessions on Wandsworth Women's Aid and policing in Brixton during the riots.
We hope we're catering to everyone's tastes and offering up an interesting and varied platter of treats, which is why it is so important as a member to have your say and help us continually evolve as a WI. The AGM is a key point in the WI year to reassess our goals and to vote in a president for the year and to fill those key committee spaces. We, the committee, have had a fab year, and we really do encourage our members to exercise their right to vote and get involved with the AGM next week, and perhaps become more involved with WWI.
So, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week for the AGM and a spot of cupcake decorating. 
Your WI needs YOU!!

Posted by Rachel

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