June meeting | DIY cosmetics

June 29, 2018 Balham WI 0 Comments

 For our June meeting, we didn't have a special speaker, but had our own crafty ladies leading us in making some fun DIY cosmetics. All shades of pretty lipglosses, flavoured with natural oils and coloured with natural pigments were melted and poured.

On another station, we were blending exfoliating ingredients like brown sugar & coffee grounds with lovely natural oils and essential oil fragrances for our own bath scrubs. The room smelled amazing!
On the night, we also did a bit of art creation. Members drew and sketched out ideas for our very own BWI enamel pin design! The committee came up with a shortlist and members then voted on a fun and empowering design we hope to have ready for autumn.

Sometimes the best nights are the ones we do all on our own!

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