Happy New Year! January meeting - Alexander Technique

January 13, 2013 Balham WI 0 Comments

On 8 January we returned to our new venue, Trinity Stores, for a few glasses of wine (and the worlds greatest brownies), a post-Christmas chat and catch up, and an Alexander Technique tutorial. Geraldine Gleeson from Alexander South (www.alexandersouth.co.uk) returned to speak to us about how to improve our posture, reduce pain and generally use our muscles properly! She explained all about what the Alexander technique involved, and talked about her experience, before giving us a demonstration on a few brave willing volunteers.
We then teamed up in pairs to work on an exercise that left the room unanimously feeling 'like one arm was longer than the other' - a good sign apparently, as this showed us how tensed our arm muscles had been, and how relaxed they were now!
We were also fortunate to have several new attendees, keen to see what WWI was all about - a New Years resolution for several of them. We always welcome new members so if you havent been to a meeting yet, please do come along.
Looking forward to seeing you all in February!

posted by Rowan

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